Life Coaching

Psychological Coaching

Psychological counseling is a field of applied psychology that applies psychological theories and concepts to the practice of psychology. Its aim is to increase performance, achievement, and well-being in individuals, organizations, and partnerships by utilizing evidence-based methods grounded in scientific research.

Coaching is also used to help people who may be going through life transitions. Examples are: The loss of a marriage, job relocation, health goals, getting a degree, and re-defining one’s life purpose. Mental health professionals in this field help people plan goals and take the necessary steps to realize the value in change.

Additionally, for those who are unsettled with, or don’t fit within the diagnostic criteria of clinical therapy, mental health/psychological coaching can be used to navigate personal success.

Life coaching is a type of counseling, that can be used to help people who are in major transition phases in their lives. Professionals in this field often try to help people plan goals and take steps to realize those goals.

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